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October 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you live in Chicago, Stanley’s is an excellent place to get quality, affordable produce. Heaps and heaps of it. For very little. I refuse to buy my vegetables anywhere else… if I can help it (usually I can’t, oops). For a little more background on the epicness that is Stanley’s, check out this little piece in the Chicagoist.

Check out that patriotic storefront.

Really. It’s a super place. We left having spent only $5 each. Our steals: two artichokes, two avocados, two purple onions, two cases of mushrooms, a bag full of zucchini, about six bell peppers, and a bag of peanuts for snacking.

Rachel and I decided to pick out some zucchini for a pasta dish or some sort of meatless-lasagna making venture in the near future. A small tragedy (embarrassment)  may have occurred.

We thought it would only be fitting, after saving so much money on produce, to purchase a couple seasoned chunks of vegetables – also called a “meal” – at Whole Foods. Only $8. Wait… didn’t we just spend $10 on pounds and pounds of vegetables? Perhaps there was a little impatience involved. Why wait ’til later to chop up our fresh, affordable produce in order to make a just-as-wholesome meal? When you gotta eat, you GOTTA eat.

It’s just so unfair,



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At first sight, it seemed that the Whole Foods at Lincoln Park, Chicago was expecting us. After looking at the prices, it was clear that they were not.

What the Trap,

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